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Preparing for Driverless Vehicles

Whilst barely a day goes by without a headline somewhere concerning the impact of driverless cars on individuals, there are huge implications for countries to get ready for Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology.

A 2018 study by KPMG using four Metrics – Technology & Innovation, Infrastructure, Policy & Legislation, Consumer Acceptance – classed 20 countries in terms of readiness for AV adoption – with #1 spot claimed by The Netherlands.

However, the USA leads on technology and innovation, with over 160 company headquarters and over 50% of cities preparing for driverless vehicles.

It is estimated that AV adoption will cut US private car ownership by 43% by 2030 as well as reducing insurance due to fewer accidents and making long distance travel more comfortable.

However, will this mean an increase in urban sprawl as commuting may become less onerous? Still more questions to be answered before AV becomes mainstream.

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