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International Corporate Expansion

Successful Corporate Expansions Need Data

Outsourcing solutions for every budget

Innovation Strategy

Drive your expansion strategy forward with our Technology Roadmap workshops, designed to produce team activity and results.

Funding For Growth

We help you tap into funding for your new strategy whether it is finding international clients or establishing an overseas office.

Competitor Analysis

Assess and analyse the competitiveness of your company and product range with snapshot or monitored survey programmes.

Local Introductions

Fasttrack to the key indivduals in your target region with our tailored Key Partners reports.

Stakeholder Reporting

Our funding experts will work with you to produce the required reporting to keep your stakeholders informed.

InvestingFocus News

Stay in touch with your target country or region with our personalised InvestingFocus email news service.

Be Informed, Be Successful.

A successful expansion into new territories, either at home or abroad, requires timely information of the highest quality. Making decisions on where to invest and how to expand relies on understanding which questions need answering before you can find the data you need.

JS Research helps companies to analyse their expansion goals and identify their data needs so that their strategy is fully informed. We are able to involve our colleagues in JS Consulting to guide you through the process, combining our data and research expertise with their years of international expansion experience.

From assessing local market conditions and regulations to finding key partners, identifying funding options and developing an innovation strategy, JS Research is your key support service for corporate and market intelligence.

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Our Values.

We are proud to be independent outsourcing specialists, with your needs at the heart of our work. We know what we can achieve for you and what is not required, we aim to deliver quality, actionable results – not simply a volume of data.

Our Expertise.

Our team has many years of experience in data-mining, analysis and investigation. We have found the well-hidden gems, sought out the vital contact and produced the missing link for many clients, let us do the same for you.

Our Network.

To succeed in business and certainly to expand outside your home territory, the right team is vital. We have developed a network of trusted experts in a wide range of disciplines across the world to ensure each project is matched to the best team.

Outsourcing Solutions

Choose only the options you need

Corporate Intelligence and Market Data

Choose from our selection of market research options including sector analysis, regional benchmarking and competitor surveys, all designed for your team to put into action.

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Investment Promotion Agencies

Outsource the time-intensive data gathering, list building and lead generation tasks to experienced researchers and lead generators so your team can perform more effectively.

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Informing Corporate Expansion

Fasttrack your expansion project with our expertise combining corporate intelligence, competitor benchmarking and experienced international sales development consultants.

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