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FDI Market Research

Whether you are looking for information on a new overseas location, new entrants into your product sphere or government funding options to help you expand, JS Research can provide you with a bespoke research project without breaking your budget.

With a team of inhouse researchers and a network of experienced consultants across the globe, we can tap into a pool of knowledge designed to optimise your project. Our reports are clearly written, jargon-free and designed to be actionable, not shelf-art.

Some examples of our work include:

  • Regional benchmarking – understand the pros & cons of your location shortlist before you make the final decision
  • Key contact profiles – identify local contacts to smooth your overseas expansion
  • Competitor analysis – knowing your competition means regular audits to keep ahead
  • New entrant tracking – are new arrivals a threat or perhaps a potential partner?

In combination with our Corporate Intelligence portfolio of products,  JS Research can provide you with a bespoke data project without breaking your budget.

Be informed, be prepared and be successful. Contact JS Research today for an informal discussion of your data needs.

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